Beautiful Album Covers

Beautiful Album Covers


All gifs here are made by me; except for the reblogged ones and the submissions.

Feel free to ask and submit.

There's an error on the links but I don't know how to fix. So if you want to go to the index page just type and for submissions.

Anonymous said: Hello, I love your site! The Pearl Jam - 'Ten', and U2 - 'War' GIF's don't appear to be working - I'd love to see them. Are there any other places that have those two album GIF's so I can view them?

Thank you. They’re still images, so it’s not your fault at all. From what I searched online, it seems that no one has made any animated version of these two.


people who sign their art with tiny signatures or even don’t sign it at all are happy and have a lot of trust in the internet and we must protect them at all costs

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